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Monger or not, each of us has a quite personal definition of what we consider kinky sexual behavior. For some, those on the Christian Fundamentalist Right, and the woman who was my first serious relationship (M. I will call her), anything other than missionary sex is not within the realm of possibility. As far as a blowjob was concerned, M. said, Never again, the first time I asked her for one, the “never again” referring to the fact that when she was seventeen a boyfriend got a little out of control and allegedly shoved his “huge banana” down her throat and nearly choked her to death.


CPAA to hold first Southern West Coast accreditation class

The Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) is pleased to announce their first Southern West Coast CPAA Craftsman Accreditation class on August 23 to 24. Students that pass this class are considered certified technicians and can then comply with the CPAA certification for polished concrete

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